Voice and Collaboration for the digital workspace 

A team that’s together with cloud-based communication, even when apart, is tough to beat. Connect every voice in real time with Unified Communications by Frontier.


Your challenge

The boundaries of the office are changing all the time.
Can your legacy technology keep up?

Mobile calls, email, texts, video conferencing—all have dramatically changed where we work and how we work. People expect to be able to communicate, collaborate and connect from anywhere. Except that most legacy systems aren’t equipped to handle it. 


Mobility is a must 

With more people working from home than ever before, everyone needs a way to stay connected.


New office, same expectations

Everyone expects the same capabilities working from home as they have at the office.


Old equipment, growing demands

Employees are expecting more from outmoded equipment that can’t keep up.


Expansion is hard

Growth into new markets is never easy, particularly when workers aren’t connected as seamlessly as they could be. 

cloud collaboration video call on laptop
the answer

Unified Communications by Frontier: For the new way of working

Our  Unified Communications (UC) solutions are a true game changer. UC lets people access the office wherever they may be. It integrates voice, conferencing, chat, video, file sharing, IM and so much more through our fully managed VoIP system. Our cloud-based collaboration platform gives you unlimited flexibility, limited upfront costs and one low monthly rate. So you and your enterprise can communicate effortlessly while fueling your company’s success.

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circled raster managed firewrall

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Dedicated Internet Access

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