Save your network from the cost of a breach

Defend and protect your network with Managed Firewall from Frontier. The confidence comes from what you’ll save—your data, your business, your reputation. 


your challenge

Improperly managed network security can cost millions. Can you afford to go unprotected?

Rules conflicts, protection gaps, lagging network performance. When it’s all added up, the average cost of a cybercriminal breach comes to $3.86 million. Not to mention the daily pain of network-clogging spam, legacy firewall issues and the pressing need to update your systems. 


In-house security expert required

Many enterprises don’t have and can’t afford the kind of expertise they need in-house.


It’s an ongoing threat.

From ransomware to spam and everything in between, data protection is an endless task.


Legacy leads to vulnerability.

It’s hard to keep up with increasingly sophisticated hackers.


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Location size, traffic type and volume—all determine the type of security that will work for you.

The answer

Guard your network with Managed Firewall

Frontier Managed Firewall is like a bodyguard for your network, defending it from the inside out. Work with us and rest assured you have optimum network protection by our security experts every step of the way. Start by getting a quick snapshot of your network’s vulnerabilities. And let’s talk about how we’ll have your back.

Save the day from cybercriminals

extend siem network-wide
Our Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) software detects and notifies you of any anomalous behavior or traffic 24/7/365. You have complete visibility and control over what’s happening day to day and if and when a potential threat arises.

Constant monitoring and alerts include:
• SIEM platform tools
• Global threat feeds
• Indicators of compromise
• Scheduled reporting 

The Frontier Difference

Partner with us and be ready for anything

The Frontier Difference and Why It Matters
Customize to your needs

Choose from 12 Managed Firewall package options—combinations of four models and three service levels—each including SIEM. Plus vulnerability management add-ons to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Outsmart opportunistic threats

Be prepared for the latest cyberattack. Frontier reinforces your team with highly skilled security experts trained to stay ahead of evolving technology and expanding cyberthreats.

Add capabilities and cut costs

Arm your business with cutting-edge security hardware, software and monitoring. Partnering with Frontier fortifies your defenses while reducing your equipment, resource and training costs.

Free yourself to lead

Regain time to support business initiatives with your IT leadership. Frontier’s experts handle your routine maintenance and monitoring, freeing you for higher-value activities.


Contact a Managed Firewall expert today

Download the spec sheet to compare our 12 Managed Firewall packages—unique combinations of four models and three service options.

Managed Firewall Add-Ons

Customize your network security

Add vulnerability management to any Managed Firewall solution to spot vulnerabilities before they penetrate network boundaries, gateways or servers. This real-time intelligence proactively detects risks that can occur every time there is a change to your network or infrastructure.

Continuous Vulnerability  Management

Regularly identifies and ranks vulnerabilities and provides remediation guidelines.

Ongoing Vulnerability  Management

Establishes a baseline, ranks vulnerabilities, provides remediation steps and investigates network security every time you add a new component.

Since COVID-19, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes. 

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