Meet your collective bandwidth

Be in two, 10 or 50 locations all at once with Frontier Multi-Site Connectivity. Extend your network, support your team, back up your backup—seamlessly and privately.

your challenge

Everyone’s competing for the same pool of bandwidth. Can your network keep up?

While your team may be working from far-flung locations, they still expect to collaborate seamlessly and securely. And if they’re sharing resources through the public Internet or a legacy system, it’s one giant loss of productivity. 


Keep it running smoothly

When your equipment and apps are connected, uptime is everything.


More bandwidth, now

It’s all too easy to exceed contract limits.


Growing at a cost

From performance and repairs to security, the price just goes up—especially when multiple vendors are involved. 


Staying secure, no matter where

Communication over broadband leaves your company exposed. And more locations mean more entry points.

The answer

Multi-Site Connectivity for your ever-growing team

When your locations are seamlessly connected to each other, something amazing happens. Suddenly, you’re collaborating, sharing files, zooming communication and harnessing your collective bandwidth like never before. All on your own private network that’s 100% focused on productive teamwork.
The Frontier Difference

Better connectivity means better productivity 

The difference
Secured sharing

Your sensitive, private data stays private—even from your other network traffic. Share and back up files and conduct business securely. Hello, peace of mind.

Seamless work across locations 

Instant messaging that’s truly instant, fast file sharing, smooth and uninterrupted video conferencing—that’s what we call effortless collaboration. 

Unlimited scaling

Add and adjust bandwidth and locations anywhere. All with speeds up to 100Gbps over our commercial-grade network with a coast-to-coast backbone and 99.999% availability for the ultimate freedom.

Make the complex less complex

We’ll never say it’s “easy,” but when you have an accountable IT partner backed by a team of experts 24/7/365, it sure is less complicated. Rest assured, you’re not in this alone. 

According to Gartner, by 2023, over 60% of enterprises will deem networking as core to their digital strategies, up from less than 20% today, deeming networking as a strategic enabler.

Dennis Smith, Dale Kutnick, Lisa Pierce Invest in Networks to Achieve Digital Business Success, Gartner, May 2019 
We’re a standards-based partner tested against the requirements defined in the Attributes and Service Standard. Long story short:
  • 24/7/365 proactive monitoring by a dedicated team of expert partners
  • Competitive uptime when paired with our Managed SD-WAN Private Network