Simplified Collaboration

Help your customers stay in-sync, wherever they are—and however they’re connected—over multiple desktop and mobile devices.

What SmartVoice Offers:

Seamless Connectivity
Seamless Connectivity

Maybe your customers need to connect multiple branches, each using a different data network. Maybe they need to ensure mobile workers can interact with the home office across a broad number of devices. Whatever the case, SmartVoice brings communication and collaboration into the future—supporting your customers’ workflows, however they look.

Enhanced Mobility
Enhanced Mobility

Whatever “mobility” means to your customers, SmartVoice can meet the need:

  • Works across multiple network types, including broadband, LAN, and mobile
  • Support for numerous platforms: Windows, Android, and iOS, among others
  • One number support: Dial a single number to reach multiple device

Multiple Communication Channels
Multiple Communication Channels

Today, a simple idea like “communication” takes a lot of shapes. That’s why SmartVoice supports them all:

  • Voice calling
  • Video calling
  • Instant messaging
  • Presence (instant check to see if someone’s available)
  • Auto attendant
Like PBX, only better
Like PBX, only better

For many businesses, the idea of installing a full-fledged PBX may be problematic. On the other hand, SmartVoice brings all the same features and delivers them via data network.

  • Fast to set up
  • Easy to use
  • No need for costly hardware: A computer’s all you need
  • Support for multiple tools and apps “out of the box”
With Frontier
With Frontier

You Can Say Goodbye to Workday Interruptions
You don’t have time to hassle with internet service providers. We know that. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing both reliable internet access and superior customer service.

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Affordable, without compromising dependability
  • Additional services for a tailor-made network

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