Managed Wireless LAN

An end-to-end business grade wireless network solution

  • Network design
  • Equipment
  • Installation
  • Security
  • Configuration
  • Monitoring
Manage Your Network
Manage Your Network

Choosing a Partner to Manage Your Network Just Got Easier

Managed Wireless LAN lets users access your network via local wireless access points and a centrally-hosted controller. The operator not only provides the equipment and Internet access but also monitors and administers the network.

Frontier, eliminates the burden of managing devices, saving your staff’s time and resources.

  • Controlled
    Provides centralized management in a single control dashboard.
  • Secured
    Allows enterprises to  easily identify and control who is on the network.
  • Tailored
    Designs a custom WLAN solution to match the needs of the enterprise.
  • Monitored
    Guarantees 24/7 managed support to ensure issues are addressed immediately.
Why  Frontier?
Why Frontier?

When you choose Managed Wireless LAN from Frontier, you get the benefits of having the same company running the network and managing your business’s wireless access points. Since we are an Internet Service Provider (ISP), we know the network inside and out, and we bring that expertise to managing your small business’s wireless network as well.

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