Same 100% fiber-optic network, just a new name.

NO annual commitment. NO hidden monthly fees. NO extra charges for Wi-Fi .

Fiberoptic Internet

Does your business need even more speed? We got it. 

Prices starting at just $55.99/mo for 24 months on new Internet service, plus taxes, governmental surcharges and one-time charge. 

FiberOptic Internet Moves Your Data at Light-Speed

High-speed internet service is only as good as its delivery system. With FiberOptic internet, your business benefits from a network of glass cables that transfer data as light instead of electricity with limited attenuation. That means that the information traveling to you meets a connection that’s as smooth as glass.


Fiber-optic speeds. No hidden monthly fees

Sometimes “no” is a good answer. No hidden monthly fees. No extra charges for Wi-Fi. No annual commitment. Our 100% fiber-optic network delivers the speed you want with the predictable pricing you need.


Fast uploads. Greater productivity

While other providers just focus on downloads, Frontier® FiberOptic Internet delivers upload speeds as fast as downloads for quick POS transactions, fast data backups and smooth videoconferencing.


Safety-first Installation

Frontier Communications® follows appropriate safety procedures during installation, because the well-being of our customers and employees comes first.

the frontier difference

We’ve got the speed to do business your way

FiberOptic 100/100 Mbps FiberOptic 500/500 Mbps


Fast, reliable speed at an exceptional price with no hidden monthly fees
Same great benefits with even more speed
for your business


Ideal for connecting multiple Wi-Fi devices simultaneously
Optimal for providing Wi-Fi for employees
and customers


Manage website updates and cloud-based business applications, and support frequent file transfers Support high-volume POS transactions, e-commerce and hosted servers; quickly back up large files online